Jukebox for kids

Jooki is a fun music player that anyone can use anywhere, anytime. Designed to share the magic of music with the entire family, including the youngest ones.  Kids use figurines to choose what music is played. Designed to be kid-proof: strong, safe and with smart parental controls. You can plays files stored on Jooki and also supports Spotify streaming and Bluetooth.

Jooki Jukebox For Kids ($159, Available for Pre-order June 2017)

Jooki是一個專為一家大細而設的音樂播放器。孩子們可以使用不同的玩偶來選擇演奏什麼音樂。擁有智能系統家長可以作出音量控制等等…歌曲可以存儲在Jooki上, 還可以支援Spotify和藍牙播放。

有興趣可以到這裡預訂, 預計下2017年6月發貨