Make Your Curtains Smart

Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart!

Slide is the first retrofit smart curtain system that works with your existing curtains. It only takes two minutes to set up. Its wireless connectivity and integration with smart home platforms.

You can open and close your curtains directly from the Slide App. You can choose to install Slide for one or two curtains and even set how far they should be opened. You can also set timers to open and close them at a fixed time. And if you want to, you can always continue to open and close them manually.

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Slide 是一個能把大部份手動窗簾改造成智能窗簾系統的裝置,安裝只需兩分鐘。它可以無線連接和與智能家居平台一起使用。您可以直接從Slide的應用程序打開和關閉窗簾亦可以設置它們應該打開的距離。您還可以設定在固定時間打開和關閉它們。需要時您亦可以隨時手動打開和關閉窗簾。