Handy bags for stylish MaMa

Tired of using those boring handy foldable recycle bag? Here’s the solution, Baggu has all kind of stylish look handy bag for Mama.

厭倦了沉悶的環保袋? Baggu 推出不同實用性高的潮流款式環保袋, 作為時尚媽媽的你不能錯過.

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BAGGU Tote Pack


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The Tote Pack is Lightweight and convertible. Features two sets of handles, so it can be worn as a backpack or carried as a tote. This bag carrying just enough essentials for you or your kids, whether you’re on a plane, a hike, or to the gym.

And the best part is that it folds into the front pocket, so it is super easy to pack in a suitcase, your own bag or keep in the car.

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BAGGU Tote Pack 一袋兩用可以隨時變成手提袋或背包實用性超高, 容量足以收納自己的物品和小朋友所需物資,無論去旅行,行山或去健身室都沒有問題, 解決了不少時尚媽媽的煩惱.